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Dec 6, 2013 4:00am PST
energy market. and, 7 years before the troubles with the obamacare roll-out there were the similar glitches with medicare perscription drug benefits. bill moller is up next wtih insights from former h-h-s secretary tommy thompson after the break. sunday is the 10th anniversary of the vote to pass the medicare prescription drug benefit. you know it as medicare part d. tommy thompson, the former governor of wisconsin also served as secretary of health and human services during the 2nd bush presidency. and you're the one who steered the law through congress. and boy does this sound familiar - 7 years ago when medicare part d it went into effect those who it was to benefit were confused, far fewer than expected at first signed up, there were a host of roll out gliches - then majority leader john boehner called it "horrendous" but today part d is seen as a resounding success. lessons here for obamacare? > >i don't know if you can really go that far bill. what i can tell you is that 10 years ago, it was very controversial in america as to whether or not seniors should be covered. we were
Dec 6, 2013 7:00pm PST
administration. in the past energy companies could only get a five year permit. the national society blasted the change. a recent study found that wind turbines kill nearly one and half million bats and birds each year including eagles. >>> and the national park discovered 55 wheals on in shallow water or beached. nine of the wails are con -- whales are confirmed moving into deeper water. >>> and design ised to help customers -- designed to help customers navigate their stores. users whether receive targeted messages on their phones bassed on where they are in the store. customers will have to download the app and enable their blue tooth to get the messages. >>> just a huge for huge game for the 49ers this weekend as they host the seattle seahawks. lots oflots of sea fans making the trek to the candlestick. >> reporter: for football fans it may be the hottest game of the season. the battle saturday even has -- australias gearing up. sea supporters talking about their safety in wake of big brawls there previously. >> i didn't get -- quite a few e-mails per day saying my e- mail is going to the ga
Dec 5, 2013 4:00am PST
sand into a hot commodity. energy companies are using billions of pounds of sand a year to help in the process of fracking. the weight of the sand is used to help break apart rocks beneath the surface of oil and natural gas wells. stocks are getting in on the action. hi crush partners and u.s. silica holdings are two public companies benefitting from the sand demand. toy's r' us will pay nearly $180,000 following allegations of overcharging customers. prosecutors say the toy retailer has agreed to pay the fine to settle complaints brought on by customers in los angeles and san diego counties. investigations that spanned more than 2 years-- revealed pricing errors at the check out. toys r us will not have to admit doing anything wrong. the competition is getting fierce in the world of gaming. microsoft revealed its new xbox is a hot seller. it was was released on the heels of sony's playstation four, which has already sold over 2 million units. a representative for microsoft left out specifics, but did say demand is far exceeding supply. microsoft is up over one and a half percent o
Dec 7, 2013 11:30pm PST
improve classroom technology, energy- efficiency and accessibility. the projects are expected tock done bit fall of 2016. >>> if you shoppedded for covered california health coverage, but did not enroll, your contact information could have been shared with companies, such as names and phone numbers. no health or financial information was given out. the executive director of covered california says the release was meant to help get people signed up ahead of the december 23rd deadline mr.. >>> a new treatment is giving hope to cancer papers who have run out of options. a medical break through came as part of a clinical trial at university of pennsylvania that involves a 15% boy battling leukemia. doctors say they were able to tweak the teen's immune system to make his own body rid itself of cancer. >> they took out t cells out of my body and they engineered them to kind of track down the cancer cells and kill them off. >> doctors have tried the treatment on 59 patients, 25 of them are now cancer-free. >>> the 5-year-old boy who took san francisco by storm last month as bat kid is back in
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4